Contributor Portal

The goal is to enable experts in their field to contribute to this project with a minimum of intrusiveness or time commitment.  Ideally there will be one "conversation" and one "lecture".  The conversation will be approximately one half hour, and the lecture will be approximately one hour.

To schedule the conversation or the lecture, click here:  Please pick 2-3 possible times to minimize iteration.

Here is more info about the two sessions:

  1. The conversation will be an unstructured interview (hosted by Jeremy Levy) in which the topic to be covered is discussed in very general terms.  There is no preparation needed for this part--it is exploratory and the purpose is to help define the scope of the lecture.  It will be conducted via skype or equivalent technology.

  2. The second session will take place at a later scheduled time, and will be conducted using streaming or screen-sharing technology.  The lecture can be powerpoint, tablet/ipad-based, or even video of a blackboard, whatever is the preference of the lecturer.  The lecture will not be shown live to the class, but instead will be recorded and later made available to students enrolled in Physics 3770.  Jeremy Levy will represent the audience and ask questions to clarify or expand upon the lecture as it is presented.
The recordings are intended for participants of this class; however, it is hoped that they might eventually be made more widely available to a larger community.  This subsequent release will take place only after approval by each contributor, and may involve subsequent editing/correction/annotation of the lecture material.

Also note that our class will be voting on the best lecture.  The winner will receive a new 128GB Ipad with "SrTiO3" etched on the back.